Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well just like any good Italian, I love indulging in a glass - or bottle - of red wine.
Ok, so I'm only 25% Italian, but what can I say, it's in my blood.
I like to pick up a bottle of wine from a different area every time and tell whoever I'm sharing it with (I'm a good sharer) that we are visiting that area for the evening.
I've very well traveled when it comes to wine. Argentina, France, Italy, California, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Chile, I could go on all day.

But if I had to narrow it down to my three favorite wines......hmmmmmmm it makes me thirsty.

1. Casillero Del Diablo - originally I fell in love with the Cabarnet Sauvignon, but they recently released a Carmenere that it delightful. And it's called Cellar of the Devil so that's pretty bad ass.

2. Liberty School - I don't usually go for the American wines, because it doesn't seem as exotic for my travel-tastes, but my friend Amy introduced me to this wine and I love her a little more for it.


3. Gato Negro - Ok, this wine is cheap - it's definitely not a snotty-type wine but hey times can be tight and I don't always want to spend a lot on wine. Especially because I drink it more than I would like to admit. And sometimes you don't feel like sitting around sniffing your glass, sometimes you want to drink some wine, play some cards and talk about religion, politics, oh who am I kidding, I mean have a dance party and act like an idiot.

Ahhh wine I really do like you.

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