Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling

This story obviously caught my eye because it involved cheese. Then I saw the photos and I couldn't not share, they are that amazing.
May 25th of this year marked the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake near Gloucester, England. In a tradition that dates back at least 200 years, groups of faceless competitors chase an 8 pound round of Double Gloucester Cheese down an extremely steep and uneven hill, with a gradient of 1:1 in some spots. Thousands of spectators gather to watch the 9 races, and to celebrate the winners and console the losers afterwards. Injuries such as broken bones and concussions are commonplace, but the event continues to grow in popularity. The prize for the winner of each race? The round of cheese they were chasing, of course.

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  1. The 6th photo (the one after the medic dudes) there's a guy in a neon speedo/thong Borat costume! Priceless!!!