Thursday, September 10, 2009


After this note appeared on the toilet seat at work, I got to thinking about the notes and signs that people make to avoid having awkward conversations. Obviously, the fact that someone would tape a sign to the bottom of a public toilet seat is amazing in itself, however I understand the desire to avoid confrontation in the workplace. So I trolled around looking for photos of similar signage, and I realized that this toilet seat was nothing in comparison to the ones I found... and that scares me...

(This one is from a would be amazed by the number of booger notes I found, this one being my favourite because it was a whole wall, and not an isolated incident. And having a good friend who dated a serial booger wiper, I can appreciate the trauma and the necessity to leave a passive aggressive note.)

(Ok so a lot of this is disturbing, but boils??? EAR DISCHARGE??? Blecccchhhh)


(8:42, the perfect time for non-banana pastries....)

(Wow, really? Really people??!!)

(Umm, check, check, is this thing on? Anyone? Anyone?)

(images via passive aggressive notes)


  1. Hey, I love the passive-agressive website, it's hilarious.

    Something not so hilarious: the memories of serial booger-wiper. I just might send him a link to that booger note photo. aahahahaha!